Vector SmArt


Vector SmArt’s purpose is monitoring in real time the physical environmental parameters. It is ideal for indoor spaces as museum areas, display cases or in the vicinity of artworks, and in exhibition spaces. Thanks to the small size of its sensors, they do not invade the field of view; if cavities (such as those used for salts) are present, they may be completely invisible.

The data collected by sensors are accessible in real time through a dedicated website.

Technical specifications:

Vector Smart is based on cutting-edge sensoristics, with extremely small dimensions (5×1,4cm) and long device life.
Through access to the Vector SmArt web platform, the user can view historical and/or real-time data. In addition, the platform can be adapted to specific customer requirements (graphics, management of alarms on other devices etc.).

Monitorable parameters:

The single sensor allows for monitoring a large number of environmental parameters, namely:

Mechanical Shocks

Extendable with:
Gyroscope and Compass
Magnetic Contact
Infrared Temperature

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