EO Tech-Lab

❝  Earth surface, we’ve got you covered. ❞

Having more than 6 years experience in the satellite data processing field, our multidisciplinary team of engineers has processed over 10.000 images, exceeding 50TB, and we took part in European and National projects as well.

Be it cultural heritage, infrastructure, maritime or energy sector, environment or geohazards — EO Tech-Lab‘s mission is an effective and continuously updated monitoring of all.

Our St’ART web platform displays analysis’ outputs, which are obtained by a variety of skills:

– SAR technologies: interferometric processing techniques

– Optical and multispectral field: supervised and not supervised classification approaches

– GNSS data: integration in SAR processing chains

– UAV images: spectral analysis methodologies ○ Development of innovative algorithms for data processing

Stand alone” monitoring services, advanced tools used in data processing, AI algorithms development for data analysis and thematic maps as an output: our qualified team at EO Tech-Lab offers Earth monitoring and observation services through a wide range of modern technologies.

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